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Open for Business

We are currently open for business 7 days a week.

posted 9/18/2020

Big Hollow Fire Update

Due to the Big Hollow Fire that is currently burning nearby, we will remain closed as we monitor the situation. As of right now, we plan on opening back up on Friday, September 18th. Thank you for your understanding. Be Safe!

posted 9/14/2020

We have a plan!

Zach and I would like to thank everyone for their patience as we drew up our plan for opening this season.
We can not emphasize enough our dedication to an environment where the well being and safety of our guests, employees, and our family is our number one priority.
All measures we are putting into place are until further notice.
We have decided to open our store on Friday May 22, 2020. The state is currently issuing social distancing guidelines we will be adhering to. Customers will be required to wear face coverings in the store and no more than 5 customers at a time will be allowed in the store. Outside there will be someone to assist in maintaining an organized line and to answer questions (from 6 feet away of course). We ask each group or family have only 1 designated shopper to assist in keeping the crowding to a minimum.
Public showers and public laundry facilities will be closed.
Camping is permitted (beginning May 22nd) if your group includes only members of your immediate family living in your household and does not exceed 5 people. The age of an individual does not matter. Even babies are considered a member of your group. This is specific to "Phase 2" of the governor's plan that we have been granted early permission to participate in due to our location in Skamania county.
If you currently have a reservation with us and your party does not meet this requirement, please call or email us and we will issue you a full refund. We will be reaching out directly to our guests once the state has come out with the guidelines specific to camping.
The Pizza Place will remain closed. Our hope is to open for Pizza by 4th of July. This was a difficult decision not made lightly.
When we first opened the camp we had a lot of ideas and plans but wanted to be careful about not biting off more than we could chew. This was also our theory in holding off on opening up for pizza this year. We want our resources and attention focused on making the camp experience relaxing and enjoyable despite the changes and new guidelines.
We know that everyone has been impacted in one way or another by Covid-19 and its fallout. We look forward to welcoming our guests back out into the woods where we can reap the rewards of living in the beautiful Northwest enjoying the sunny days that summer brings. We'll see you in the woods!

posted 5/13/2020

Camp Still Closed to May 15th

Camp Update:
The governor's address just ended and we feel we got all the answers we needed for today.
Camping is considered an aspect of phase two of the plan to return to normal.
However, the county we are in (Skamania), has the opportunity to move forward earlier than other counties with higher rates of infection.
The Department of Health will now decide if businesses that fall under phase 2 in Skamania will be allowed to moved forward in opening. If the Department of Health decides to move forward it must then be voted on by the county commissioners.
We have decided to remain closed until May 15th to give the Department of Health and the commissioners time to sort this out.
If you have reservations with us between now and then you will be receiving an email and a full refund from us.
We are happy to have these answers for you as it feels like the first step in the right direction.
We are hopeful and excited to get this camping season started.
Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement and support throughout this. We adore our community and can't wait to see everyone in the woods.

posted 5/01/2020

Camp Update: Store Closed til 5/1

We have decided to postpone the opening of the store this season to May 1st at the earliest. This is in accordance with federal guidelines for nonessential businesses.
While our store and gas station may qualify as essential, we feel to remain closed is the best decision for the health of our family and employees.
We fully support the idea of social distancing and know that while it at times is challenging and inconvenient, it is truly for the greater good.
We sincerely wish the best for all our patrons, and wish you all well during this time.
We will continue to provide updates regarding camping & cabins, the store, and pizza place on our Facebook page.
Thank you for your understanding.

posted 4/07/2020

Closed Until 4/10/2020

We just saw the following article and have decided to follow suit. Effective immediately cabins and campsites will not be available to rent until 4/10/20 at the earliest.
Please know this decision is not made lightly. This is, however, beyond a doubt the right choice to make.
Thank you all for your understanding.
We will continue to update everyone if and when anything changes.

posted 3/26/2020

The Camp

The camp is made up of 15 spacious campsites. Onsite there are also 4 cabins that sleep up to 4 individuals. October 1st through April 30, campsites are $10 and cabins are $60. May 1st through September 30th campsites are $15 and cabins are $70 per night.

Full facility rentals are available by reservation. The fee is $350 per night Sunday through Thursday and $425 a night Friday and Saturday. This includes access to all campsites and rental cabins. 25% of a full site rental is considered a nonrefundable depost.

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Locally Owned and Operated

Welcome to the website for Eagle Cliff Store and Campground. We are situated approximately 20 miles outside of Cougar, Washington on National Forest Road 90. We are a full service off grid camping facility open to the public with 15 spacious campsites and 4 rustic cabins. Originally established in 1972 Eagle Cliff Store and Campground has been a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.


Take I-5 to Woodland Washington exit 21, get off and take the Lewis River Hwy eastbound to Cougar Washington.

From Cougar take the 503 Spur eastbound to Forest Service Road 90 and take it to just past milepost 15.

At that point you want to turn right (technically still Forest Service Road 90), towards Carson, it will be about a mile on the left.