Campground Rules

By reserving your site you are acknowledging you have read and understand our rules and regulations we have in place for the comfort and safety of our guests.  Failure to observe  our rules may result in immediate dismissal from our camp with no chance of collecting a refund.

1. Dogs. We love them. However, with the exception of service dogs your four legged friends are not welcome in our cabins at any time. Owners are not to leave their pets unattended at any time. Dogs must be kept on a leash or other appropriate restraint. There are no more than 2 dogs allowed per one campsite. Owners are responsible for cleaning up any presents their pup leaves behind. Unruly and aggressive dogs are not welcome. Our guests want to feel safe, and rightfully so.

 2. Group size per site. We ask that there are no more than 6 individuals and 2 vehicles per site. We also ask there be no more than 2 vehicles and 4 guests per cabin. Please contact us via email and we will consider exceptions on a case by case basis.  Please note that tent camping is not permitted in the cabin sites.

 3. ATV's & Motor Bikes. There is no ATV or motor bike riding within the campground no exceptions. There is no joyriding on ATV's or motor bikes in our parking lot. No exceptions.

 4. Alcohol. Eagle Cliff does not condone underage drinking by any individual. If guests choose to keep alcohol at their camp they are solely responsible for keeping their supply out of the hands of minors. Eagle Cliff Camp will not be held liable.

5. Quiet Time. Generators and other electronic devices including radios are to be kept off between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. out of respect for others. No exceptions.

6.  The individual whose name is on the reservation must be present at time of check in.  The name on the reservation must also match the name and credit card information given at the time the reservation was made.

7.  The individual who is named on the reservation is financially responsible for any damage they or persons in their party are responsible for during their stay.

8.  Smoking is not permitted inside the cabin.  Guests will be charged $100.00 automatically if this rule is not adhered to.