We came in early evening this past Saturday 5/23/15 and only one spot was open, an RV spot. We took it anyway because every other camp sites we had been to were full up. It was easy to find a place and set up camp. We thoroughly enjoyed our bried (sadly) stay. Hopefully, next time, the 5 year old decides he won't whine and we can actually stay longer. :-) Thanks for everything! -Annie

Cool place to stay at Zack and Emily are good people cabin 3. -eddie

We found this camp on the internet. we used to camp at Merwin and Yale when our kids were younger. I was very interested after reading that the camp had been bought and improved so we made reservations and stayed from 05/28/14 to 05/31/14. Tim and Nan were there to greet us when we arrived late Wednesday evening. They are very personable and helpful and were around all the time if you had any questions or needed something. My wife and I stayed in one of the quaint cabins and our adult daughter and her boyfriend stayed in our tent several spaces away.We went on hikes to Curly Creek Falls and the McClellan viewpoint was a great place to view Mt. St Helens. Ape caves were not to far down the road. Just wanted to thank Tim, Nan, Zach and Emily(the owners) for a great place to relax and be off the grid. Highly recommend for others to try out. We will be back! -Kerry & Diane

This is an excellent place to camp and enjoy the beautiful sites. A great place to make lasting memories. Highly recommended! -Michelle

Met the new owners Friday. What a special family and so very helpful. Looking forward to visiting often and getting to know them better. Best of everything. They are doing a super job in cleaning area and upgrading everything. Thank you -Al

Our family has had a cabin in the area for 44 years.The store has always been the "hub" of information and socialization. I have so many memories...but one is the time my parents finally decided that my sister and I we're old enough to walk to the store by ourselves with a couple of dollars, where we then spent over an hour deciding what candy to buy (Big Hunk). Then 35 years later my husband and I are finally letting our little girls make that independent walk to the store to pick out candy. Generations of memories! -Debbie

Camped there growing up. Helped coach a cross country camp there and my first real date with my fiancé was there. I think the view of the cliffs was what won her over. -Bill

Took my month old son camping at Eagle Cliff during hunting season. Actually had our Thanksgiving dinner there that late season. My kids spent many seasons there at either the Fredrickson or Bunger camps. Son is now 34. Many good memories!! -Zona

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